Discount types

1. Run of the house

The Run of the House (RoH) concept refers to the fact that the customer will be offered a location chosen by the company and will be available at that time.

When the customer opts for a RoH reservation, he will receive a discount on the standard rate regardless of the location where he or she will be accommodated.

If the company has superior locations at check-in, the customer may receive such a location at a lower rate.

The customer will be given a structure based on selected or superior parameters (number of rooms, number of people, facilities, etc.).

* ex: If a client requires a studio for 2 people, they are likely to receive a superior location such as a two or three-room apartment for a larger number of people and more facilities than those mentioned in the application.

* ex: If a client requests a two-bedroom apartment for 4 persons, it will not receive a smaller capacity or fewer facilities than those mentioned in the application.

2. Non-refundable advance

The non-refundable payment is a payment method to which I will be charged a percentage discount when the customer reserves a certain location and requests this type of payment.

The discount rate may vary depending on the period and the company may change it at any time. The discount will not change after the customer has made the reservation.

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