About us

Zebrasov is a new tourist concept that offers high quality hotel services for all budget types and is based on the experience you will have during your stay with us.

We offer our clients various accommodation structures located in different key areas of Brasov, such as: the center of the city, the business center, residential areas and areas of interest, being thus easily accessible and adapted for a wide range of tourism types.

In our accommodations you will find high-quality services provided by a team of professionals.

ZeBrasov has BonSejour Boarding House, Hostel Promenade, Poirot Pub and over 40 apartments and studios.

We have reception from 08:30 until 23:00.

Our accommodation rates are tailored and set according to the interest of our guests.

The ZeBrasov team is a young, meticulous, alert, discreet, courteous and trained person in the spirit of impeccable customer service. We have the pleasure of being at your disposal and we aim to fulfill all the necessary conditions, so that you have a pleasant and most pleasant stay, come back with pleasure to us whenever you want.

All these years we have learned that tourism is far more than just a form of trade, and that’s why we know how important your moments are. Thanks to this, we will make your stay with us some of the most enjoyable.

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